Well, this in flight system is based on Android.

Spotted on a Dreamliner.

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    United has features like drag & drop i guess.
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    @cpyi naughty.
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    That's quite nice compared to some shitty system that our national airlines uses. I had to fly 6 hrs to Frankfurt in it and using that system to get out of my boredom was a traumatic experience. Ended up just sleeping instead.

    Personally, I'd be content with access to camera view of airplane like Emirates does. I don't understand why more airlines show the camera view.
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    Poor guy that sat there pressed next, and got a screen telling him his entertainment would be available shortly... For the entire 6 hour flight.
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    @cpyi nicely done 😂
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    @cpyi This was dark, but good.. soo good
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    I've seen this on AA also, and some Mexico long range busses. It makes sense to me as it's an affordable, easy, and qualitative way to offer entertainment
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