After a few dark and sad years of using windows phone, finally got an android today! Hello DevRant! 🤗

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    Hello and welcome. Looking forward to read your future rants about the Android ecosystem.
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    Finally.. You can see the matrix now
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    I was on the same boat. Used a blackberry till 2016 before buying an android. Android is amazing but has major security and privacy concerns.
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    Dobrodosla :)
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    Still love my lumia 950, I don't know what I'll do in future, will be tough to choose the less worst (for me) between ios and android
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    @dontbeevil I had lumia 920, best phone ever. Endurance and design were perfect! Applications sucked. When they stoped supporting messanger that was kind of a deal breaker for me. WP are only gonna get worse from now on..
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    @TajanaP I had 920 and 930... 920 was really good and revolutionary (lot of new innovative HW features) 930 was even better, perfect for me :)
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