april fools of Windows 11 :

Decided to connect me at 100 mbps instead of 2.5gbps to local network, I'm still looking how and why.

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    You poor thing? Lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD but my Internet is 400 mbps ! I feel slow with 100 :)

    BTW, Linux server , connected to same router is OK no problems with a fucking 30 meters long cable.

    And windows PC is literally 2 meters from the same router.
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    I'll just use WiFi for now. At least it's better than 100 mbps
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    Windows has April Fools' Day on the second Tuesday of every month.
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    @Fast-Nop that's false and you know it :) Linux updates are way, way worse than windows.

    But in this case, thre is literally nothing to downgrade my connexion...
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    @NoToJavaScript I'm back to Linux since 2020, and the updates are a breeze for me as well as for my family end users. :)

    Then again, Windows updates seem to be getting creative - not always the same old tune like non-working printers or wiping out user data. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop Naaan dude.


    Windows uodate : You are finbe, if uopdate fails, it's rolled back automaticlly, you will be able to boot any time.

    I have a linux server I setup. I refuse to even try to update it. I insevsted days into it. Any linux update can just wipe it out. So fuck you linux. Untile I can be 100% sure that an update can be performed, i'll never update my server.
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    @NoToJavaScript Fascinating, do you have a blog by any chance where I could learn more about your philosophy?
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    @NoToJavaScript last year I had a windows update that forced me to change how my hard drive was plugged in to get it to boot… yes my drive I was booting from was in the number two slot, but why the hell should that matter?.. then again I’m not much of a hardware guy so maybe it is a big deal…

    p.s. don’t fault me too much I didn’t build the machine 😉
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    @sparrowEatsHawk It's good habit to boot from drive 0 to cater for other people's idiocy, but the OS should never make that assumption.
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    A lot of what we're doing as programmers is catering for other people's idiocy where a standard would guarantee us arbitrary choice.
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    @NoToJavaScript Well, a bleeding edge distro can of course be exactly that, hence the name. I don't want that, so I'm on Mint, which btw. has Timeshift system snapshots to guard against the possibility of an update or even myself borking the system. Never happened, but just in case.

    Btw., not updating a server opens up security holes over time because while these get fixed, the attackers also learn where they are and then attack unpatched machines. That's the same for both Windows and Linux.
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    @lbfalvy Muhaha, admit it, you just want to see whether you can hack a server riddled with unpatched security holes. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop Guilty as charged
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    @NoToJavaScript in case it helps at all... A friend was recently having network issues on his Win11 machine, doing a full network reset (uninstalls and reinstalls drivers) somehow fixed the issue, might be worth a try 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @alturnativ I'll try. I don't like beeing on wifi, but forced to admit, 800 Mbps WiFi is pretty stable
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    @NoToJavaScript nevermind people, you're in the wrong place to say something wrong against linux
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    @dontbeevil Yeah but without any reason :) I had my strechj "Linux is the GOD" when I was 22-25.

    Linux has a LOT of problems and not situable for everyday use.

    People who challange that are of 2 types :

    Young, 16 to 25 yo, who never actually worked for more than 4 years on the same system

    Or, people just locked in in linux as others are locked in in windows or macos and nothing will change thier mind.

    All systems have problems. For me personally, dealing with Windows problems for everyday use is better than dealing with linux problems. Granted, I never tried MacOS yet.
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    @NoToJavaScript exactly , I have notbing against linux, it's just its fun club... People without even know your scenario just says "windows sucks, switch to linux" here if you don't blindly support linix, you're not a cool dev. Good devs only use linux
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    @NoToJavaScript I migrated a number of end users in my family from Windows to Linux after Win 7 went EOL. Linux is totally fit for everyday use, and I outright stopped providing any Windows support.

    They don't understand Linux, but they don't understand Windows, either, so that's a wash. If anything, installing applications is actually easier on Linux because the Software Manager works like an app store which people already know from their smartphones. Ofc they don't use apt from the terminal - in fact, none of them is ever using the terminal at all.

    There are two main problem areas: running specific professional applications that are Windows only (CATIA, Photoshop etc.), but most people don't use these at home anyway. The other is hardcore gaming. It's getting better, not least thanks to Valve, but it's not on a par with Windows so far.
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    @Fast-Nop Can I lunch a game of Anno 1800 on Linux ?

    Can IU have a decent auto complete in every text box on linux ?

    Can I have Skype, whatapp, telegram ?

    Can I see SMS from my phone ?

    These are the defining points.

    Windows store now have most of android apps, so installking shit is no longer a problem
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    @NoToJavaScript Anno 1800 should work, see https://lutris.net/games/anno-1800/, but the experience might not be as good. Windows is a proper game starter OS. As I said, Linux is improving in gaming, but isn't on a par.

    Autocomplete in the browser and IDEs, yes, otherwise not. Under Windows, it's also in the file manager search where it's quite annoying. Plus that the Windows file manager sucks and doesn't even have tabs.

    Skype, yes, one of my users has that and even installed it without my help. The others probably, too.

    SMS? It's 2022, and I've never seen users trying to read phone SMS using a Windows PC.

    Android apps on Windows are not the best idea anyway. That's the Windows-8-fail the other way around. Not to mention that it was only recently added and isn't a classic use case.
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    @Fast-Nop It's not "install andoird app" it's USE your phone app and stream it to windows.

    You have a LOT of good points!

    I personally run WOW via (I would guess obsolete) solution CEDEGA.

    Then I run it just purely via WINE (Btw WINE IS NOT EMULATOR) (Yeah I love recursivity in any form).

    I wrote an (Almost) successful poker bot using modified wine code to intercept certain calls. Well, technically bot was good, but I forced it to make a lot of dumb decisions. Around 400$ “lost” over couple of years, but it was worth it for the fun I had. When your bot just goes all in with a 2 and 7 and you watching it, you are like “WTF ?WHY!!!” but you can’t stop the session because on another table bot is wining lol.

    (Insert next comment text, devrant limit)

    And second image is when you try to access something more security related.
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    text o add :

    For the SMS part, I don’t even know in what room my phone is right now. And I don’t care, I can lunch any app, read messages, make calls with my PC. And with all the comfort of having a good headset. (Logithech G 935 for any ne interested).

    In a screenshot, that’s un app running on the phone, broadcasted to my PC abd I have complete control.
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    @NoToJavaScript Well yeah, but you gotta admit that integrating a phone and a PC is pretty exotic because the whole point of a smartphone is its mobility away from the PC.

    Also, there's just no reason to use Android apps on Windows. If there's anything you can't complain about under Windows, it's a shortage of native Windows programs.

    I've never seen anyone doing it this way. Pulling over camera stuff and maybe tethering, that's what I see in practice. That kind of integration is hardly a deal breaker.

    So my primary reservation would still be some doubt whether Lutris really offers the full Anno 1800 gaming experience. It's stated there, but that may be exaggerated.
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    @Fast-Nop You are right. The whole point of smartphone is to have access to apps / web etc on the move.

    But for 2 years, I can finally work from home. Going out for beers and smokes every couple of days, but not more. There is no more “mobility required”. If you ask me, covid is the best thing ever happened. No more requirement to go to “places” like “office”.

    So my phone, I like it when I travel (Went to Dominican republic 4 moths ago).

    But in a day to day, it’s a useless brick. Except when going to poop.

    As for apps, There is no desktop versions of : Tinder, Whatsapp, Wealthsimple (Just to start). Telegram did an awesome job and app is excellent! But not all.

    Uber eats (Which I use almost daily) will not work on chrome or EDGE 50% of the time, using app is faster and better.

    Facebook messenger (yes I still have people on facebook I actually talk to from time to time) uses 600 MB RAM, but streaming app from phone uses less than 50MB.

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    There is no native Amazon Music app for windows 11.(Well there is one, but no FLAC support and no <stream to device> option). And I like to order a song on my 5.1 (So it goes this way : PC => App android streamed => share => my LG WebOS tv => eARC => Sony 5.1)
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    @NoToJavaScript Apart from that average people don't even have a 5.1 system, they wouldn't be able to come up with such a complicated setup under Windows. The whole expectation behind using Windows is that you click stuff, and it just runs. Anything more, and the intended audience hits a road block.

    Also, FLAC doesn't offer anything audible over MP3 >= 192kbit/s in the sense that people could discern it in a double blind test.

    The only exception might be the combo of highly non-linear distorted sounds like in heavy metal AND someone with golden ears, which then might need >= 256kbit/s.

    Btw., I'd never cross my WFH laptop with anything private. I even put it in the guest LAN port of my router to keep it out of my LAN. If I were to connected it via wifi, that would of course be in the guest wifi. Not only because it's a Windows device, but also because I don't administrate it myself so that I don't trust it.
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    @NoToJavaScript Btw., click, and it runs - I used to think that these stories are like Nessie, but this year, I did actually encounter it. I stopped providing Windows support, but I can't shove off a guy who just had lent me his car.

    That Windows laptop had problems, he said. Looked into it. Well yeah, no shit, with fucking THREE competing virus scanners, not counting Windows Defender, I bet it had.

    He, uhm, no idea how that happened. Me, I do, show your hand - see this finger here? That finger clicked where it shouldn't have, that's how that happened. :)
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    @Fast-Nop Well, the thing is (You can explore my other comments to other posts) I have a very very poor eyesight from birth. And I “think” it’s a bit compensated by hearing.

    Amazon HD does not provide everything in lossless. But usually just by sound I can tell if it’s lossless or not.

    I have an example of a VERY small sound which is squashed a bit by most of compression. Please don’t laugh.

    Here is the youtube video. Around 1min30 to 1 min 31. (yes I was drunk, yes I ordered blueray of Frozen, yes I was surprised when I get the delivery;p)


    It’s only on me but I can assure you, that sound is completely different on blueray or FLAC.

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    My WFH does not require any VPN. The setup at Azure is done in a way where we don’t have any virtual machines, no client services, no networks. And as dev who needs a production DB access, It uses a white list by IP. Which ofc, is not secure and anyone on my network could access. Providing they are on my network, knowing name of the DB, user and password. So yeah technically it’s less secure than a VPN, but in practice someone REALLY needs to take you down for that to happen.
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