@dfox @trogus Do you guys have any plans of implementing private messaging on devRant?

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    @dfox @trogus

    Also, I would hope not...... I don't fancy people messaging me here. I see it has an unneeded feature. We're supposed to be ranting and having people reply to said rant. Just message them, this isn't facebook ;)
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    I don't think instant messaging cause I'm pretty sure a bunch of women would wind up harassing me. (Its a joke) but i think they said chatrooms might be an added feature
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    @jckimble THAT would be nice.
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    They're currently working on implementing stories. #revolutionary
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    @cftw i believe that was a joke
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    Private messenging would be a little messy here since we don't have a follower/followee system, so that would mean just anyone could message you or request to start a private chat. The request might work, but still lots of room for abuse as conversations will be away from public eyes.

    The chat room feature is designed already, the idea for that is anyone can spin up a room to talk about a specific topic, but instead of permanent side channels, they would die as soon as that room became inactive. Might have private rooms where you can request to join, so if people want to exchange personal contact info, they could do so in small groups without it being seen by the public.

    It's a big engineering project, not sure when @dfox will knock it out
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