Just USB things it is..!

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    Well sometimes only one try
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    USB plugs exist in 4-Dimensional space, I'm telling you!
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    @kaqqao Nexus 5x here, charging my phone has never been so easy 😂
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    I call it USB superposition. Only when you actually try to plug it in you get to know if it was the right way up
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    Not if your on a Macbook, no USBs type A, so no problems. Apple solved that one. Apple thought different for us.
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    1st world problems ... Try to connect a serial or parallel plug, a 5 pin DIN plug, or a PS/2 plug without looking at the back of a device and without bending the pins. You will never complain about stuff like USB again...I didn't and I don't
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    @mrmarbury yup, printer cable pins used to bend the most with me... 😒
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