No matter how hard I try I don’t think I’ll ever get American corporates.

I’m from the UK but I work for an American company and I can only describe them as fucking insane.

I’m sure they employ people to send the most pointless emails ever, I just opened one and there is literally nothing but a picture in it.

We have meetings about absolutely nothing. Whole company meetings where it’s just managers talking about themselves and they think it’s fun.

They also seem to have created their own version of the universe where they expect everyone in it to be disciples of the company, get excited about their crap and tell the whole world how great they are.

Those that go along with it must be struggling with major cognitive dissonance. Nothing is that great and spending a large proportion of your time making someone else rich so that you can afford to eat just sucks.

I’m not saying everyone should hate their jobs, I don’t hate mine but the complete lack of realism is just weird.

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    Try to watch Severance.
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    Read the first 40 pages of this and your questions will be answered.
    Still does not cover the cause why people tend to loose touch with reality, but gives a little insight into their thoughts and echo chambers.
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    East Coast?

    Different parts of USA have way different mindsets. Smaller companies tend to have a lot less bullshit going on.
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    @Demolishun i had a friend who worked for a smaller company once and they had circle jerk management like this too

    worked for a big company and there were ppl who did that but luckily not around me.

    but the amount of endless pointless meetings x_x my god why. it's like ppl think it's work. and the ones who sit and complain and try to not work so much that it's more work than just working. or think theyre doing so much and it's so hard.

    insane, Anosognosia?
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    @zlice Freight train, this is how we always do this. Stupid business teaching in colleges? Shitty colleges in general?
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    American Corporate can be very VERY cult-ish. Similar to Indian Corporate ironically enough.
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    Tbh. They’ve started in the UK too. Most startups are like this
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    @bashleigh Yeah, Americanisms are finding their way everywhere.

    One of these days a company is going to start a trend of stopping all this nonsense, we're going to love this supposed "new way" of doing things, and someone will write a few books on how amazing and novel it is. Meanwhile we'll be the old farts moaning about how it was always like this before idiots wanted to justify their meaningless jobs.
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    @zlice "it's like people think it's work"

    because they do.
    quite understandably, in fact, because for them, it is.
    have you heard of the term "bullshit jobs"?
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    Yes! I'm so excited to work for Cockly ™!! Building accounting software has been my dream since I was a kid, and i can't wait to create as many synergies as I possible to take this to the next level!
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    What happens is that a lot of these big companies recruit right out of college and mold these kids into their own image. Those that can’t think on their own just become additional stooges.
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    Is the pay good?
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