The new end to the idiotic code snippet head scratchers interviews (awkward for both parties but nobody is willing to admit it)?


Infinite internet access, use whatever tools you want, do as much as you can in 2-3 hours.

The best non-toxic way to see how someone works as a dev.

This is the way I expect you to work, so this is the way I will interview you.

Sorry silicon valley, we don't need people who can write up a binary search algo from rote memory.

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    If you give me a task that requires over an hour to complete without some guaranteed reward on completion you don't even deserve a withdrawal email because I'm not expecting to apply to the company ever again.
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    @lbfalvy alright seeya
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    I agree with @Ibfalvy. I’m not being paid so why the fuck would I put in half a workday’s worth of hours just for the potential chance of maybe getting an interview for a job that maybe I’ll get if I’m lucky? No thanks, amigo.
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