When you're copying over 100GB. Ugh, it's gonna take forever.

Please kill me.

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    For that size using something like rsync could probably help a good deal.

    Additionally, consider splitting backups into archive fragments (Tar balls ;)), if you aren't already :)
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    @lotd Hmm, good suggestion. Will try that.
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    @lotd Why is rsync better? Just curious.
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    @620hun its designed for file transfer and works great over ssh, honestly I don't know the details of how it works under the hood but have had good results, in particular over ssh..

    This post is a pretty good read on the topic :)
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    Dunno if btsync would help here but I always get great speeds. Around 11MB/s over local network and usb. Would probably get more but I only have 100Mb network switch :p
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    here comes my ssd-obsessed friend saying "SEE?! I told you SSD is so much better than HDD and now you're paying for not listening to me!!"

    fyi, I do actually have an ssd-obsessed friend, although he's not crazy xD
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    Well at least it isn't the Windows XP days when it'd take 325 days or even 1019 years to copy.
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    @Disreality I've actually got an sshd which is a hybrid with, uh i think it was 8 GB of ssd space and the rest is HDD. Or something like that. Still took years though since the sheer amount of really really small files crashed my computer when I ran out of ram.
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