I've played 46000 battles in WorldofTanks.
avg battle time: 10 minutes
Total minutes: 460000
Total hours: 7666.66
Total days: 319 days of gameplay!

Now I just wonder had I invested all that time to code what I could have become by now.

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    well over all was at 1950
    managed to get 2900 recent..
    but i play with a lot of stuttering and 350ms ping so I guess not that bad lol
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    Not everything in life is coding. Doing other stuff could make you a better programmer, in fact.
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    @kekkyojin good philosophy, my friend. Made me reorder my Sunday priorities.
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    @kekkyojin i know.. i just feel sad now that I could have spent that time being productive
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    Relax, I havu an infinite amount of monkey infinitely typing random keys dovn here... Ill reach out to you, when they have programmed a better facebook, you could sell it then xD
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