Gf, shouting: why are you using my premium shampoo and hairdryer on your keycaps?

Me: because just like your haircut, they were unnecessarily expensive, they embody all my self worth, and deserve to be shiny and clean.

Gf, pondering: ... Could you clean my keyboard next?

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    You don't want to put fancy oils in your keyboard, though. No reason to use expensive shampoo.

    Also, fancy haircuts are totally worth it-- if you only get it cut a few times a year, and if the person messes up, it'll take years to fix, it's an easy call.
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    @starless It was the only substance available which would remove the gunk left behind by fingers which eat slightly too much chocolate.

    Also, I still think €300 is a bit much for a haircut... but my keyboard was more expensive so I can't really criticize it.
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    I don't think shampoo cleans grease better than a regular soap.
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