Had a stupid sales dude. Lost his driver's license due to reckless driving (and this was a few in a row including drunk driving) for 6 months. As it was his job required to drive around he got instantly fired.
So he had to leave laptop, iPad and phone with us (IT). His next stop was finance for the lease car but he was pissed, left the building and drove off.

Apparently rules are super shitty for the theft of a lease by the registered employee. So we could not really mark it as stolen. We alerted the police anyway and he was caught next week for driving without a license. So he went to jail and we got the car back

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    Sales? A previous DUI is practically a requirment.
    But the "drove away" after licence was revoked is new.
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    @magicMirror He obviously had a serious alcohol problem. People like that are like junkies - can't think straight and do all sorts of obviously stupid shit. Putting them in jail is stupid and costs the society enourmous amounts of money until they die. Addicts need medical help, not jail time (but it should be okay, to limit their movement to the rehab center)...
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    @Oktokolo I don't think he had an alcohol problem. Just a reckless idiot. He only got one DUI. The last stint was late in the evening driving over 100 in an area where 50 is allowed and on a bus lane.
    Could be he was using drugs was the type but have no evidence of that.
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    @Frederick yep agree with you fully.

    Also you are right in this case.
    His issue was that he was addicted to stupid, showing off and such. If you would dare him to pee on a cop car he would do it. If he would be late to his girl he would run every red light (he told me once, bragging how fast he could get to her house if need be).
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    @RocketSurgeon, @Frederick, @hjk101

    Obviously, you can't just let people freely DUI.

    But we shouldn't just lock them away in a prison as a deterrence, because they will just start drinking again after their sentence. We should instead lock them away in a rehab clinic to at least try getting them to fix their mental state. and then they should only get released again when they aren't a threat to society anymore.

    Guilt doesn't matter. Initial decision to try curing personal problems with drugs doesn't matter. But fixing the actual problem should matter a lot.

    We can just throw away the bad humans and make new ones. But humans aren't phones. We should at least try to fix them (both, the humans and the phones)...
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