I now know why Google Clouds sucks compared to AWS, and Azure.

1. No free tier
2. Pricing is confusing and designed for comp scis
3. Too componentized.

I wanted to translate text in an image like Google Translate/Lens.

Google: after a long search of the site's developer docs, I need the Translate and Vision APIs which have separate pricing specified in hours and task type

Microsoft: search Translate API,
Does images, first 5 million characters are free

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    GCP has a free tier. Both the Vision and Translate APIs can be used up to a certain limit. Microsoft is more generous with their free tier but Google does have something.

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    @EmberQuill I see... How is miss that lol... I return up felt an account and all the API pages are like pricing... $x/hr....
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    Though it is true that many of Google's API docs are sometimes more than confusing. They often feel scattered and disorganized.
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    If I only could understand that billing page organization …
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    > "Microsoft: search Translate API,

    Does images, first 5 million characters are free"

    We're using it for OCR, and combined with our current Azure subscription(s), its in the pennies what it costs each month vs. the tens of thousands $$ other OCR packages were going to charge us.
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    @PaperTrail btw it's that 5m per month?

    Anyways I woke up this morning to the bright idea of searching for an existing app... and found one so problem solved
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    @donuts > "5m per month?"

    Yea, we were free for a while, then how we're tiered, we had to pay 'something'. I'm a couple of layers abstracted from the billing, so I have no idea what we're paying now, if anything. Our azure network admin has OCD when it comes to the billing and I'm sure he'd be visiting me if the bill was over a few dollars.
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    Microsoft is a copycat company, their idea is to copy an idea and simplify it for the layman. I don't think they have a single bug free product(including windows). Although, I will agree that Google and AWS have pricing written specifically for techies. Something which can be improved to increase sales.
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