Who makes monitors which can only change the input if there is a signal on the currently selected input?

Monitor on -> VGA -> No signal -> Going to sleep

Like, let me change it to something which has a signal instead of directly going to sleep again?

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    Those usualy have an auto input selector.
    try to replace the cable.
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    Almost everyone.

    Sadly, thinking about usability only happens when implementing design antipatterns now. There is absolute zero user centrism left in consumer electronics and IT.

    My monitor ignores button presses and goes to sleep first when the signal goes away. It doesn't wait more than three seconds, doesn't scan the other ports even once, doesn't react to me pressing the menu button for selecting another port by hand - it just goes to sleep (closing the menu if it is already open) and then has then to be awaken by the button (can't have more than one input element, so it actually is a digistick of course) before i can change the input port.

    The obvious solution would be to have button input prevent and abort entering sleep mode. That alone would be enough to improve user experience a lot. Because the menu actually has a scan-for-input top-level item...
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    @Oktokolo Or you know, if no signal detected, displaying a menu with the available inputs.

    If no interaction during 10 seconds, go to sleep ?

    Let us just change the damn input.
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    @Grumm: It shouldn't come up with the menu on its own. I don't want a nanny mode. Just waiting a mere ten seconds before actually starting to go to sleep would already be the best solution.

    But the real sin is outright ignoring user input. That should never be considered a legal option. If i press a button, i want a reaction. If it is going to sleep, it should interrupt that and go back full on. If it already is at sleep it should flash the led once to confirm the input while waking the display fully up. The menu also should be accessible while scanning for input - it is an overlay anyways, so let me still use it to enter sleep mode after misselecting the scan item.

    I seriously wonder, whether companies like Samsung even have anyone who is formally tasked with designing and testing the UI. It really looks like they never use their own products and never have anyone else test them...
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    @Oktokolo most likely they do that to rate their products as A++ energy label crap...
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    @Grumm: I seriously doubt that 10 seconds make a difference there. Also they definitely can react to button presses in sleep mode - as that is how you wake the damn thing up. So as single LED flash and reacting to user input all the time shouldn't change energy efficiency.
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    Stop using monitors and use a tv instead. I've got seven tvs hooked up to computers around me, ranging in age from a few months to several years old and none of them do anything without a button being pressed.
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    @NotJeckel I have visio at home for computer. It will once in a while try to switch to some network mode to go on internet. It has never been connected to internet. Most of the time it does exactly what it is told.
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    @magicMirror If I could switch to AUTO select, I would. But I cannot switch from VGA to AUTO unless a signal is on the VGA port. And if you have a signal on both inputs (VGA and DVI), the DVI takes precedence.

    I switched explicitly to VGA as I wanted to see that input. Then detached the test device and forgot to switch the display back to AUTO. Now the monitor refuses to start until I hook the test device up, give the display some VGA signal and then it allows me to switch back to AUTO.
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