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Our backlog of tasks and bugs has officially reached 100+ tickets, all for me, the single software engineer at our "tech" company.

Huh, imagine that.

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    I bet you have five plus managers who help you to manage this xD
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    @horus oh they are managing SO hard
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    In my experience, having huge backlogs of bugs and features is the norm for any serious project.

    All the famous FOSS projects try to mask that by auto-closing tickets which did not get attention for some (often ridiculously small) timeframe, because they really don't get, that such practice is just leading to reporters feeling ignored, lots of dupes getting reported and sortof losing shittons of valuable input which is then "burried" in a closed ticket...

    But actually, huge backlogs aren't a problem at all. You tag the tickets by class, severity, priority and which action is required next to advance their progress. And then you just do, what coders gonna do: You sort by priority, scan for one you wanna do and advance it to the next step - which for us coders most often means, that we finish it.
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    That just means you won't run out of work next month. They can still cancel the project any time, though.
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