Finally did overcome myself to install Linux on my Desktop PC!
Its only Ubuntu for now, but I did install Arch Linux on a latop some time ago. So you could say, things are getting serious 🤓

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    Here's a suggestion.use the i3 window manager ,it worked wonders on my workflow when I installed it.
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    Noice. 👍😊
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    @zmzmuazzam98 Thanks for your suggestion, have to try that
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    Install i3-gaps
    And fbterm (frame buffer terminal) with some additions like fbv, fbpdf you can see images and pdf from VT without X.
    And 255 color support and everything, without X server.
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    @lans9831 Take your PC back to the early 80s. Sounds great. 🙄
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    @drRoss I use it like that when I'm just coding, and no AC power for my laptop, it gaves me two more hours of battery 😂
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    @lans9831 Battery life is a good use case for this actually. Good suggestion my man.
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