Can someone please write a plugin that automatically translates bug tickets into startup-ese? It would make it very easy to present the most common offenders to higher management on quarterly reviews.

$< "screen A is all messed up"
$> "We are disrupting the establishment in screen A"
$< "API B is not responding, giving timeout errors"
$> "We are facing logistical challenges in API B"

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    I'm sure we could train a neural network
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    whoa an original title that includes the words "timeout errors"? your team is far more competent than mine. I'd be lucky if I got an "app crash" as a title, then with no description in the ticket
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    @fullstackchris man, that's sad. I think that is one of the best parts of working with data - your clients are mostly devs themselves, and know how to describe a bug or error.
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    @ScriptCoded mechanical turk counts as AI right?
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