I got stuck with a small task for days, today I just have the courage to ask for help and a senior literally gave me the code for the problem! I'm not sure if I should be happy for finishing the task or embarrassed for couldn't solve the problem by myself. 😄😥

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    i think, one needs to find the sweet spot between "i'll keep the senior from working" and "i'll waste days trying to fix something that might have been clarified in a few minutes"... good thing is, seniors are knowledge clerics with (almost) infinite wisdom powers, so one can learn a lot just listening to them ^^
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    When I'm the senior I like to teach how to solve the problem, when the problem is a really trouble then I give a try and at the end I teach my coworker who ask me the help
    When I'm the coworker with the problem, first I try everything I can, asking for information and trying to solve, then when I don't have more strong to keep doing it, so I ask for some senior to try solve it for me and then I ask they to teach me it.
    For me the most important thing here is solve the problem, learn how and do it as fast as """possible"""
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    Nothing to be embarrassed about here - you’re learning. Study the code you were given and ask questions if needed. Sometimes I’ll do the same for folks that I mentor and ask them to explain the solution back to me or to try and improve it. You’ll be surprised at how good you really are - I’ve had a new grad teach me a thing or two over the years with this approach.
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    You should have felt shame if you asked for help without trying first. But you did the right thing by trying to find it yourself first.
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    Im a senior with 2 interns on my team. One of them tends to just ask without trying first and needs hand-held a lot. The other tends to waste a lot of time trying to figure something out that isnt even a technical issue but something related to the project itself that they would never figure out on their own anyway.
    I wish they could both meet in the middle somewhere.
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