Me: “here’s a demo of the backend functionality you requested. We’ve got more work to do to make this production ready. Let me know your thoughts or if we need to make any changes, otherwise I’ll hand this off to the UX team, we’ll be ready to go live next month after other they deliver the front end”

PM: *telling stakeholders* “The new thing is done and ready for go live”

Me: *privately to PM* “who told you that the thing was ready for go live?”

PM: “You did”

Me: “I suggest you go read what I wrote a little more closely”

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    Never told them you have a demo finished, show them the demo if they want to go balls out with that then it’s their problem. But yeah they do that all the time.
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    Demo -> pre-alpha
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    Experienced this quite a few times. Demos are dangerous stuff, because this concept is to complex for manager's small minds. They are so easy to confuse, aren't they?We should avoid demos whenever possible to make life easier for them.
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    You should know better. Your PM obviously isn't a dev, so he has no clue what you are talking about. And never call anything "finished" if you don't want it to go live right now.
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    I want to try adding arbitrary limits to the demo such as max 10 users, 1 second delay before anything is processed, absurdly short string length limits.
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