I have adhd and anxiety which means I cant smoke, drink coffee or drink alcohol because that fucks up my sleep and short term and long term memory badly for few days in a row. ADD symptoms become unmanageable. Fuck my life. I guess I will have to cut all stimulants if I want to be abe to function as a decent dev. I will have to cut most of my social circle because they wont understand me not going out for drinks... Fuck my life....

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    I think going out for drinks shouldn't necessarily mean drinking alcohol, but I get your point. Good friends should be able to understand it.
    Does regular wanking at least help?
    Never give up. Other people have other problems. 🤗
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    There probably are benefits to that deviation from the norm too. Find them and choose a profession, that benefits from them.
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    @PonySlaystation Any wanking would skyrocket my anxiety and would destroy my social skills...
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    @Oktokolo its more than just profession man. Sympoms affect daly life. Im talking getting lost in my home city on a street which I crossed 100 times.
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    Sounds way too familiar. It's as if i have to choose between work and private life..

    So far I've chosen the first because I need to live. But I'm really messing up relationships with friends and family.

    If i knew a solution I would have told you. Other than working less for me at least there's no option I can see

    Good luck!
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    I have ADHD and amxiety and life was out of control solution was Adderall it changed my life.

    I finally felt like I understood what life was like for everyone else. Also found out that most of the anxiety wasn't anxiety but was caused by the ADHD symptoms which led to the anxiety. So I'd recommend giving it a look see was a huge change for me.
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    @adhdeveloper glad Adderall helps for you, but I'd like to stress this is serious medication (amphetamines right?)

    This does not work for everyone. There are plenty of alternatives though. still this won't solve all of your problems
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    It could be the other way around so that continuous overthinking may cause anxiety which in turn can lead to ADHD symptoms like low concentration and hyperactivity. I recently read a book called Letting Go which is transforming my life everyday. Give it a try as to reverse engineer the case, who knows…
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    I have adhd and on elvanse, only shit that ruin my memory is my sleeping pills.
    Short term memory arent the issue. Adhd ppl cant recall memory items because of shitty focus. U need to operate in real time. Like a commando, we are machines with high processing power and low ram.
    So u need to work in a way that doesnt require memory, u do what u got to do "now". U cant live like a neurotypical, u are NOT, u are better, this what gives u anxiety, u are trying to be " normal", we are the fucking 5% of the people who are leading the world. We dont rely on organization or planing, we act in real time. Dont force urself to function in another way, u cant "by design" deal with it. Live ur life the adhd way, because u are !
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    One more hint about our brain dude:
    Can u picture a plot of a chart with a line? Neurotypical people stores the whole image, (imagine in png) in their brain, some others stores the list of all the points ! We dont have this amount of memory so we save the equation of the line !
    On the other hand, with high processing power, our brain, with the help of the equation, can regenerate the plot in real time. We store patterns not raw data. U get lost when u go back home because ur brain never saved the path, but the way to find it ! It is this "low ram" that u think is a handicap that enables us to have high processing power and tree-thinking patterns. People always do "simple" low processing tasks but very well planned so they get somewhere in the end. We are able to go there genuinly. Just unleash ur adhd stop overflowing ur memory and bashing urself 24/7. Dude ud be my bro id puch u in the face.
    Pm me if u wanna discuss adhd stuff and coding
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    Maybe look into hallucinogens.
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    @zemaitis got telegram ?
    Glad i hit some spots
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    @devapsarl write your telegram i will hit u up
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    @zemaitis fr85cov (mr boom) lol. See u there buddy
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