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The project we're currently working on:

- an angular codebase that's broken beyond recognition - nothing's working as it should

- user stories are estimated in hours, but estimations are treated as hard facts. Since the app is so broken, everything takes longer than usual and it's almost impossible to consider every potential hardship during refinements, therefore, we constantly need more time than we have estimated

- retrospectives (intentional plural here, since one time isn't enough) are used to discuss why we cannot manage to finish tickets within the estimations

- the design was made beforehand and is extremely inconsistent and inaccessible

- if you open a new ticket, you need to add a reason for why this ticket is needed - in addition to the ticket description..

- The moment you move a ticket to QA, the "Scrum Master" breathes down your neck, shoving new tickets in your face. Despite having to finish up the other two you're still working on

- multiple teams are working on the application, but - of course - communication is overrated.

I could go on, but I'm too tired..
We were supposed to help the client for a couple of months - we're close to a year now and still nowhere near done.

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    User stories in hours would be a dealbreaker for me
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    Sounds like a starting point would be taking the hours number and saying it's days...
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    @zemaitis Yeah, it would've been for me as well. Unfortunately I wasn't involved in the decision-making. The client initially said, "we're still implementing scrum, so this might change in the near future"..
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    @tunneler smart client
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    Who’s estimating the stories?

    If there’s a lot of uncertainty, that sounds like an opportunity for spikes to determine complexity of the work before taking on the work.
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