Weekly Group Rant suggestion: What anti-pattern exists that still keeps being propagated or infecting other areas of your code base (like a virus)?

Code samples/screen-shots required.

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    Overuse of pub/sub events. Shit has spilled over to the UI websocket....
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    I like it! Just need to shorten a bit :)
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    Godclasses are pretty useful if you strictly implement them as a composite facade.
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    Guys, please, I can't troll my fellow devs if you don't include code samples
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    Code samples won’t do it to show the horrors of Factory Factories which create Mappers which Map everything for no good reason. Also known as Cargo Cult Programming.
    With a small code sample you will only see one little pile of garbage which is actually part of gigantic mountains of that stuff.
    Also, this is not longer a code base that I’m involved with or have access to.
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    @Lensflare It obviously doesn't fit in a screenshot and I'm bound by IP rights (I technically shouldn't have the code on my laptop since I quit) but at a previous employer we've had Facades that were derived classes of a DI container and all they did was to map function calls to Commands and relay them to the opaque set of services using Double Dispatch.
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    tacking “Service” on the end of every class name.


    Things that have perfectly good verbs in them but we ignore those and just add Service because everything has to be a service these days.
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    @LLAMS what is the class called that manages all the services? ServiceService?
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    @Lensflare probably more like ServiceManagementService
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    @Lensflare that's the only one that isn't a Service, obviously.
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    @LLAMS IServiceManagementServiceFactoryFactory
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    OOP 😉
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