Honestly, I think this one is yet to come for me.

I've had a few bad experiences, but the worst ones are the ones where I couldn't find the time or brain to get some work done properly and therefore did bare minimum, so I basically was driven to shame because my teammates did almost everything.

Second to that, are times where I had to go through drama because teammates were absolutely incompetent or power hungry or inflexible.

Otherwise, it's "live and let die".

Note: I use "teammate" in general sense, equaling "coworker", "colleague", "the guy who's supposed to give me details or access" and "those in on the project" in this rant.

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    I have been here too. I realized for me it's no good to be the best of incompetent teammates. In the end you will relax and stick to the low standards. Maybe you should go to where you are challenged. Where you are the dumb person who is inexperienced.
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    @lambda123 accepting that some people know more than you helps you know more. It's better getting out of conversation having learned something new than stay with what you already know. I have had a problem for so long with AWS lambda timeouts when listing groups from Cognito. Today instead of pretending I understood it all I accepted I did not know about it. Now I know what was causing the problem. It was because I was using a private VPC and to access Cognito from my VPC I need a Nat Gateway. Which never came to my mind before.
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