I just experienced a new level of wut at my job. Web Engineering has a Google group email. This morning someone at work sent us an email about canceling a work order (and he didn’t know how to cancel it)…for a plumbing issue 😑Wrong engineering department, my dude. And you can cancel your work order by going to the request system where you submitted it or the email receipt of you request, which was certainly not to this Google group email. You have the work order number, so you must have an email somewhere about your request. And how’d he get this email?? I’m seriously wondering if this is a weird phishing attempt.

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    I used to work in an IT Support call center for a big company and people called us about plumbing issues, or they wanted to know what the cafeteria was serving for lunch, or they just wanted to yell at someone who wasn't allowed to hang up on them most of the time.
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    when you get extra-stupid requests in written formats, the trick is let them hang until near a deadline. If you know you are gonna miss the deadline anyway, spend the last few hours closing stupid request tickets and blame missing the deadline on them.
    It basically pushes the request filtering efforts to management.

    @EmberQuill at his live call center job was doomed, though.
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