The awesome time when you are new programmer and every day you learn something that blows your mind. 😊😊

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    sry , not a rant :P
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    What havê you learned so far?
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    well , php and some frameworks , a lil bit of Java , some bootstrap and materialize css frameworks , js and angular , node currently , oh and some Android here and there
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    After 15 years of imperative languages (assembler, C, C++), I felt the same way when I learned my first functional language (Haskell).

    Considering to take up Prolog (a logical language) to get that feeling again.
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    @Prasanna Who cares if it's not a rant!
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    @Prasanna ranting is a suggestion, not a necessity
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    I think you should amuse yourself everyday with new stuff even if you are an experienced developer :)
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    @caroso1222 Absolutely!
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    That sad time your the senior and everyday the intern burns down the codebase.
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    Hell of a learner.
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