I find still very funny that Desktop outlook (So Microsoft) doesn't support MFA from Office 365.

I'm kind of tired to tell user go and geerate "app specific" pass which bypasses MFA.

Specially when even default Windows 10/11 mail client supports MFA just fine and fucking faster than outlook.

This is the part of my job I hate : Administrating users, search how to make thier PC/MAC work (Btw Mac client does suppoort MFA ironicly).

Can I just get back to Infrastructure, redis caches, step in Q# ? .

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    Hm. Works for me™ and my colleagues...
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    SSO + MFA works on me with it.

    Moment my password changes on laptop, outlook does its ring around to log back in to it.

    Unless you're logging into outlook with a different account?

    Also, Microsoft hello / pin also counts as far as MS is concerned.
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    Wish they'd make it work with Gmail the way the their uwa mail and calenders work. I use gmails calenders but don't want to have to have a browser open.
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    @C0D4 Hmm, I was looking ionto it

    The user uses his own PC, logged with outlook personal account

    Apparently in this case Office 365 Outlook desktop can't connect to exchange with MFA

    But the default windows 10/11 "mail" clinet does it with no problems.

    Really bizzare shit.
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