Scrum master asks how I'm doing and how I'm finding the project I'm working with.

I complain about the lack of documentation and that it kills me (well, kills my brain with increased migraines) due to my Asperger's as I need CLEAR instructions and not ~something~ I need to piece together from asking from 5-10 different people who all know some minor part of the final answer.

"*You* could do the documentation, lankku, while you're figuring it out!"


And the reason I was trying to find out this one thing related to a completely different repo I have never worked on was because I was trying to write documentation for something totally different that just needs a login redirect from this different repo. <.<

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    Oh, didn't I mention... There's at least 3 different Jenkins jobs related to this different repo. And an extra repo where you need to update a version number.

    And oh, the version number is different if you do it from the master branch or this <insert-random-branch-name-no-one-mentioned-before>.

    Also you don't do the version number upgrade to this repo IF the stars are aligned like *this* but take not of the position of Jupiter in the morning sky if it aligns with Star-XYZ-12463 then you run this other Jenkins job. But don't run the Jenkins job.
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    Well, lack of documentation and unclear instructions are basically a given in web-orinted software development. If that is a problem for you, you have to go somewhere else - like industrial enbedded devices, banking/payment, logistics, kernel, system software, ... basically anything but web and small business inhouse tools.
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    @Oktokolo Oh, this is one of the biggest work insurance companies in the country. I assumed they'd have a proper documentation when I took this assignment.

    I have found proper documentation in the web world and I think it's as rare everywhere. >.>
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    @lankku: Wow, better avoid that company for your own insurance then...
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    @Oktokolo Yeahh, here you can't choose the firm unless you're entrepreneur. It's the employer that chooses and mine has chosen these. <.<
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    @lankku: Well, better make sure you don't need the insurance then...
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