Had a recruiter say I was saying "wasting his time" by constantly declining job opportunities he sent via email (it was a mass email too). Another recruiter started questioning why I didn't work for this other company that didn't seem to have technology as a decent focus at its core. I'm honestly done with recruiters.

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    You are wasting his time, but that's not your problem. He has a mandate to submit as many candidates as he can for the positions they are trying to staff. If all he's doing is blasting out mass emails to a list and then getting angry that nobody's jumping on these positions, then he needs to work on himself.
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    Unless you get payed to respond to his opportunities by him you are not wasting his time, he’s wasting yours.
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    @Voxera agreed, there's plenty of other candidates who might be interested or more suited for it then me, honestly feel it's to their advantage to get a candidate who properly is interested and wants to get through
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