Today another story in this stupid company:
A freelancer created a feature to pay orders online . It took him 3 months (!)
Problem: sometimes people pay, but orders are not stored. Every morning, it takes 1 hour to check in db if the orders are stored, and if not, create them manualy
Yes, orders are created after payment.
Manager wants to fix it by creating the order before the payment, in 3 days (!)
Turns out that the freelancer has written a lot of obsolete code, I now have to clean up. 3 fucking months vs 3 fucking days!
And on top, the shoppingcart was stored in localstorage! (Already fixed by now)
Fuck this, I'm getting another wodka

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    That's why they are a freelancer: the company can kick them out right away with no repercussions.
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    @electrineer That guy earned 3x what I earned and was not stressed. I still somehow feel I don't have enough experience to be a freelancer, but maybe I have to rethink my career
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    @bedawang Sounds to me like you're over qualified to be a freelancer. You'd need a lobotomy to write code on such a bad level 😂
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    @bedawang in my country you need to earn 50%-100% more than an employee to have the same net income. German, btw. and I'm a freelancer. Was employee before.

    Good and bad freelancer exists öike employees.
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