Apartment management: Hey folks. Elevator #4 is getting a software upgrade so it will not be in service for a few weeks. While we’re doing the upgrade, the elevator call button next to elevator #1 will only call that elevator. The other call button will call elevators 2 and 3. Please press only one button. If you press both, you’re requesting two elevators to come to you and this slows elevator arrival time for other residents. Thank you.

99% of residents: Ah ha! You told us the secret. We’re going to press both call buttons because we choose chaos 😈

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    @rarboot Yep. IDK why apartment management thought folks were capable of courtesy here. Nope, residents are all “me first.”
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    A software update means it's out of service for a few weeks? Does the update come on hundreds of floppy disks?

    Reminds me of this... https://hackaday.com/2020/08/...
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    @saucyatom IDK. It’s one of those elevators where you choose the floor from the call panel and you’re assigned to an elevator 🤷
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