Robbery of nearby future :
A broke dev decided to do a robbery by stealing the whole DAVE -2 system from the Tesla S3 model
While asking why he chose a drastic path as this, he said "My client wanted the training to be ready within 2 days and I couldn't arrange that much GPU in such small notice, so decided to do what I did.*ignored(But I reinstalled it back in the car)*
As you can see, client's have turned into money hungry, cock sucking, fist fucking, and God-knows-what-fetish wanting prices of shit"
Over to you, Clara

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    Training model *
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    I'm sorry I didn't get what this was about, but it got me curious. Care to explain?
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    @oscarascal yeah see the Tesla S3 model car is a self driving that relies heavily on its camera's, it's CNN (convolutional neural network) which is continuously training itself to recognize objects like dividers, lanes, signals, persons, etc. and requires heavy hardware like too graphic cards to process images with ease, a hard drive to store all the raw images, and cameras to capture new images, and a system to connect all three which is called the DAVE - 2 system.
    This system is directly installed in the car so that the image processing can be done on the go, so the hardware used in this system is ultra high end.
    Basically what is required to do machine learning/ artificial intelligence kind of stuff, so robbery takes place as, the dev doesn't has any money to buy such high end system just for one client.
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