Algorithms teacher: I don't know how to work this thing. (computer) ... Students constantly have to go up front and help him do basic computer stuff. Even worse, he types with two fingers! Why education system must you suck so bad???

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    Two fingers aren't that bad, but you can't trust the efficiency of his algorithms if he doesn't know how to use a fucking computer...
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    Using two fingers is just painful to watch. Yea I'm not sure how he managed to get the job. Least I have CS50.
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    Does ot happened to you that algorithm and using a computer are 2 separate things?
    He may be an excellent teacher and doesn't know about computers.
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    If you tech in the CS department you are expected to have some degree of skill with a computer.
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    I type with 2 fingers, 84 words per minute last time I checked :) but yeah college sucks
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    @smithalan2 10 fingers might be faster then ;)
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