In the darkest of days, I discovered how to remote login to my computer at work through the company vpn. I then proceeded to work overtime at night in secret for a week or so, writing documentation and refactoring code.

I finally woke the fuck up and realized that I shouldn't be obsessing over proprietary codebases that do not belong to me, and I should put this misguided energy into my own projects.

So yeah, as a bad dev habit I'm working on fixing, this fits the bill.

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    @lambda123 I'm fighting the urge by allocating around an hour every work day to focus on things I want to do. If I'm supposed to work on incident tickets the other 7 hours, that's ok with me, but the last hour I'm going to be working on refactoring/documentation on at-risk projects
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    This is a solid 10/10 high quality rant and very relatable!
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    I did that just yesterday
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