Darn you to Heck, Oracle! I installed their JDeveloper environment, to see how it's database functionality compared to DBArtisan and PL SQL Developer. It is Eclipse based, and it rendered DBArtisan non-functional. Uninstalled, and balance has been restored to the Universe.

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    What do you think about dBeaver?
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    @bkwilliams haven't tried that one.
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    @iAmNaN other than PLSQL Developer I haven't tried the the others. dBeaver is based on Eclipse but it has always played nice with my system. With JBDC drivers it's connected to what I've needed it to.
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    I'll give it a try on Monday. Oracle's eclipse offering leaves something to be desired. It co-opts ORACLE_HOME, which messed up DBArtisan, and it wouldn't connect to any of the corporate databases. Teradata is switching to an eclipse based management tool, so I better get used to it.
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