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How can it be that devs constantly whine about technical debt, how everything is "ancient" bla bla bla...

Yet don't want to update libraries / stuff unless one explicitly rams an klingon pain stick up their arse because one is very very very very tired of lame excuses.

Even better example - and reason for the rant - new microservice.

They honestly started with JDK 8.

Looking at the dependencies is like walking in a museum...

OWasp Dependency check?

Lot's of 7.5s and greater (NVD score).

How brain fucked ignorant can one team be?!!!

Let alone that that thing - despite being just a skeleton project - has already 178 dependencies.

I don't want to look at the build files, I'll guess I'd turn to Freddy Krueger otherwise...

But really - why whining all the time like you have a clit / arsehole full of sand and then starting a new project with an obviously copy pasted graveyard skeleton?!

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    Intentionally deleted repository for violation of company policies.

    Next week will be _awesome_.
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    Well we humans whine about what we dislike, particularly when it is the stuff you need to work with 8h/ day. I whine about having to complete 3 desync'ed timesheets every month.

    I whine about tech debt because I know how to make it better. And when mgmt doesn't allocate time for it (or when I know that it would take an unreasonable effort), I get frustrated and leave. Or, when I have the time & motivation, I do it in the evenings then one day - tuduuuh: a completely backwards-compatible but much better version. Just to prove them and myself that I still got it. Any refactoring should start from the old codebase unless all setup and features are well-documented or you have a shitload of money to re-consult all stakeholders
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    @webketje Yeah... Except that - at least me - in mamagement explicitly allows time slots for refactoring / updating.

    It's the devs who don't use it...

    Hence my comment about ramming up klingon pain sticks up their arses.

    In some teams you really have to _force_ them to update their shit or - been there, done that - disable the build plan and call for intervention meeting cause otherwise they won't do it.

    Which is exactly the reason I'm so pissed about it.

    Even more pissed when they pull the ultimate fucktard move and start with an ancient tech stack because they're too fucking lazy to plan and create a new project from scratch.

    ... Yet they whine every now and then about how stuff is outdated.


    I sometimes think it is a pervert psycho mindfuck game or that they're suffering from dementia...
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    @IntrusionCM are your devs internal employees or consultants? How much is their job (perceived to be) in danger? I noticed in past projects internal employees are way more often content with the status quo, especially if they've been getting away with it for a long time.

    Hope they don't become numb to your drastic measures if you repeat that too often..
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    @webketje Germany, pretty much unfireable.

    You're right, they might get numb... And they seem to be pretty content with it.

    But all in all, I'm just sick and tired of it.

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