I wish not sleeping didn't make you feel so shitty 😔 I have projects to finish

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    @A-0-C huge if not complete dead company ones ...
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    Not advisable but: coffee & a pain killer should let you work more efficiently. *I repeat not advisable* *USE IN LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION ONLY*
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    @A-0-C well best do that then I'm in pretty good health won't be an issue
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    @No-one I imagine nums sensory data to the brain prevents feeling shit and coffee to perk you up
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    @No-one it drops physical ache and makes you feel less shitty.
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    Don't forget: there are places where you have to work 6 bit 8 hours because the same work or even better work gets done
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    @Daniil that's not very clear
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    Sorry. I meant that you should not forget, that there are some countries In which the normal work day is 6 hours (in Germany for example it is 8)
    And that can result in better performance and motivation of the worker. (that's what I wanted to tell)

    (in the meaning of sometimes taking a break can result in more work done. So sometimes - you will be better if you sleep a little longer )
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    @Daniil cheers that's interesting and I'm sure it works for some people for sure but I won't get my projects done if I chilled that much 😂
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