Hi devs,

i am just curious, how often you use devrant.

to be honest,.. if my life is good.. no bugs. no miss management. I don't even remember devrant exist..

but as soon as I got frustrated from code,management, life.. Devrant is the first thing I type of my browser before starting any work :P

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    Way too much. If I have lots of free time I can easily spend over an hour every day on this platform alone. It's the only one I know where spending 25 minutes on an elaborate comment is worthwhile because the people relate to the topic, have a similar logic to mine and they're used to reading a lot.
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    no miss management?
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    all the time when me free.
    Im glad it exists since i hate instgram snapchat tiktok facebook twitter [...]
    And i thought humanity was lost but then i found devRant :')
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