Called yourself a what? "Chief Technology Officer / Senior Dev" ? For a simple clear cache and cannot do that on your own, you giraffe? Only if I have not pitied you AND YOUR FUCKING EGO, I already sent you a Fucking Love Resignation Letter, you dickhead! You should be ashamed of yourself!!

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    What was the worst thing he did? Did you get another job before resigning?
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    What the hell is going on here...?
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    @Jumpshot44 he's really close -minded, man and not open to new technology like use a repository, a new and efficient architectural structure for the back-end. Damn, man! We're working in technology!! FUCK!
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    @Treighton I'm just frustrated with my senior dev. He should step down and let his ego out. Its not good, you know in a project development and maintenance. It can let other developers to switch to another company and have a good leader. Its disgusting, dude.
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    Gotcha. Yeah that's super frustrating
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