I have bills to pay, I’ve got mouths to feed. 💵 don’t grow on 🌳

I also take breaks, exercise and vacations, no dev can work 24/7 and expect to keep his sanity.

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    I thought that the opposite was the case when I first started my job. Now after 4.5 years I know it's not and happily take "duvet" days when I'm hungover and know very little needs to be done.
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    💵 are made of 🌳
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    @Lensflare what weighs more, the weight of trees cut down each year to make US bank notes or the weight of trains that pass through Grand Central Terminal each day? Bonus point if you can name the film that question is from.
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    Tough one :)
    I’d estimate the trains to weigh more.
    No idea about the film.
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    @Lensflare both are 0
    US Bank notes aren't made from trees and Grand Central Terminal is a post office so no trains pass through. Grand Central Station is the train station. Its from Inside Man.
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