A college weekend with no homework and nobody to hang out with. Welp, I guess I'm coding.

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    People are overrated
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    Any ideas what youre going to code? ☺️
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    If you wanna talk about CS and code stop by my profile and let's talk :D
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    @QCat tu es d'où en France ? :p
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    @Defi4NT let's keep courtesy and stay in English, but I am from the South East (64)
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    @QCat I may have to take you up on that offer sometime!

    @ChiSin I worked on refactoring this Blender 3D import script I picked up years ago. I really should drop the project but about once or twice a year I'll mess with it. Managed to get the main script under 1K LoC for the first time. 😃

    @Defi4NT Except I'm an extrovert and enjoy the company of people :)
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