What to do as junior, if multiple seniors (4) aren't in sync with each other. Following different convention on same client's project. Even after 3 years they didn't able come up with seemless infrastrure. The code is getting ugly day by day. No review happens. Is that normal? As they are not in sync, we, juniors are frequently getting confused what to do. What could be done? I'm planning to leave the project somehow. Don't know what to do. 😑

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    Try and bring them into sync with Nsync:

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    Start your own convention to become the fifth senior.
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    @electrineer I'm not confident yet. I need more experience that's why I'm looking for a project or a group of people where I can learn not worrying about things which I'm not responsible for.

    Just to give you an example, they assigned me to do some r&d to check what type of features can be given to clients instead of asking client and business analysts, where I'm just a junior dev. The juniors are afraid of questioning them, even if they do - each senior's answer is different - as they didn't have the discussion beforehand. Sometimes, I think I am the only one worried about the project will be failed in future. 😅
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    "I'm just a junior dev" is this your aspiration?

    "not worrying about things which I'm not responsible for" taking ownership of projects is what people who want to become a senior dev do.
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    who is in charge?
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