Why I sometimes hate linux:
Found old computer with freya os.. I usually work on Windows, so I thought lets try to work on linux for a change..
First things first: sudo apt-get update / upgrade and while it is doing all the updates lets get something to drink..
Came back, logged inn and mouse is gone.. after some googling and searching on my mobile i found out that alt+ctrl+f1 and then alt+ctrl+f7 fixes problem..
Mouse now is back but upgrade failed half way though because no network.. wifi stopped working.. something wrong with drivers.. so to continue upgrade of OS i need a cable now.. (restart didn't work)
Two hours later I managed to update everything, wifi drivers are working and I managed to post this.. But it's too late to do anything, so I will probably put this away again for couple months and will go through same shit next time I open it.

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    But you just need a window manager, right?! Linux developers don't use the GUI because that would be too easy.
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    I like Freya OS much more than Zesty Zapys OS though 😉
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    And that is why I use Ubuntu, it saves a lot of time on issues.

    I would use Solus or #! If it were not my work laptop.
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    @mundo03 every good distro manage that kind of problem you know
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    @Celes my stupid distro froze today... So I give you ++

    But, Ubuntu offers compatibility with everything I need, ease if installation of packages, lots of companies release . Deb packages too...

    Maybe I should give debian a try too.
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