ComputerToucher: *opens Jira ticket* Dev team needs tokens for the APM for a new app with multiple tenants. Ezpz. Hey, developer. Do you want one golden token for all of your app tenants or would you like us to generate one token for each?

Developer: Let’s have a meeting to discuss it.

CT: It’s…an exceedingly simple question. One token or 4? Which does your app support?

Dev: Yeah I think we should discuss with this with the platform team, can you set up the call?

CT: (Internally) I am the platform team? Do you not know how your applica-never mind I’ll just ask the PM directly.

CT (in chat): I’ll ask PM to schedule the call.

*Goes back to Jira ticket, changes priority to 4, removes ticket from sprint entirely, picks something else to work on*

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    Does Jira support ticket interdependencies and priority inversion?
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    Love when a 2 minute issue becomes a 20 minute issue.
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    @lbfalvy yes, though you wouldn't know it from how many people use it
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    @lbfalvy What @dootlurk said.
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    @Stuxnet In terms of burn-down and all that jazz, had I not removed it from the sprint it would have looked much longer than that, since the call the PM scheduled isn't until next week.

    So nine days between this story being opened and closed

    Just so that in the end

    someone can tell me a number

    and I put that number in a UI

    and I copy/paste the output into a key vault.

    What I decided to do after lunch today was just generate four. If they need all four, they have them. If they don't, I just revoke 3 and they get what they get.

    I informed the dev and the PM as such, pointed them to the vault and said the meeting wasn't necessary, just let me know what they decide, slapped an "unplanned" story tag on it (so they get a nice visit from the scrum master on Friday) and closed the story.

    It'll probably be a month before either of them replies.
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    I hate people that want a call or a meeting for everything. Is the reading comprehension of these people just so low they can't be bothered to even begin to understand a simple question or what the hell?

    not everything needs to be a call, in fact, at least chat messages leave a trace of what was discussed, calls are gone forever once they are over unless you record all of them, which would be insane.
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