remote team bonding/social activities like playing pictionary or whatever

can we not? maybe its cute the first time, but we're all awkward and i just wanna go home

i dont even understand where this is coming from, if u actually want to make people happy u could just send them home earlier

otherwise why have this stuff instead of just making us wageslaves work like normal anyway

is this another thing like how the hiring budget is bigger than the retention budget or is there different MBA research for why the fuck this is a thing to begin with

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    the only thing I can think of is that sending you home earlier is risky for the company. If something happens to you health-wise while on company clock that you're paid for and log, then the company is responsible for that.

    Flexible time and home office can kinda avoid that problem to a degree though the laws are still catching up to Home offices so we'll see.

    Other than that I think it's the fault of the managers, who in 99% of the cases are just overpaid camp activity animators. Honestly our company just takes us out for a beer once in a while and I'm perfectly fine with that alone, no additional activities required
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    Still less cringe than the daycar like office popularized by Silicon Valley "unicorns"
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