I've been in this hostel for three weeks. Near the surfspot, close to the beach, everybody here is nice and loving, there are people from everywhere, we all speak some sort of creole between english, portugese, french, spanish, german, and so on. We exchanged recipe and song, made connection in half a dozens country, and overall had a great time.

But then there's this creep who's a violent alcoholic fuck, made creepy comment about a girl half his age, called women bitches behind their back, constantly using excuses like his mummy, his job, the booze to be a shitty person, hiding himself behind humour to annoy people around but threatened to slit my throat when we did the same to him. I swear to god if he doesn't shut the fuck up this is gonna get ugly.

Fucking psycho creep.

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    Years ago I was at a hostel in Malaysia. One of the people there was celebrating Ramadan so he'd ask us to go out to eat at like 2am.

    One night it was me, him and this dude from Holland at a hotpot. He told us about how he was an accountant and was told to cook the books around the time of the 2008 collapse. He refused and was fired. He was depressed; talked about how he had tickets to the Petronas Towers, but just gave them away to some random couple.

    Seemed like an alright dude, but the next day he gets super argumentative with us out of nowhere, like he wants to start a fight. It was super weird. He checked out of the place a day early. We never saw or heard from him again.

    The other dude who was celebrating Ramadan; I kept in touch with him and he got me a job years later in Chicago doing devops.
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    @djsumdog hostel world huh?

    I mean there're nice but there's always a creep.

    Likewise in France, I was in this hostel, everybody's nice, but then there's this guy, I ask him where he's from, he says "I'm from canada but I'm not going there, there's too much feminists". And he kept whining about feminists where everybody else just wanted to have a drink and exchange travel stories.

    During the night he started weeping in the dorm, I laughed imagining him having nightmare, being chased by mean feminists trying to castrate him lmao
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