Got a full stack job in a really large org. They write shit code and refuse to comment on code saying the code should explain itself.

And I’m like yeah but if you’re writing spaghetti code at least fucking comment why.

The new job’s pay is like 2x my old job so it’s really fucking good pay but my brain is melting from frustrations with these devs.

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    So basically they collect good pay while creating a system where they have to work slower and then they can blame it on "following the format of legacy code".

    I'm not impressed but I have to admit, they do know how to milk a paycheck
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    @crappycode yup sums it up. Ironically they’re redoing the entire code because of design problems and they’re bringing over the same foundational issues with them to the new codebase. Over-engineering the shit out of everything
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    sound likes they’re paying you to take twice as long to do things for twice the pay anytime you have to revisit something and fix a bug
    Which if they don’t blame you for means more strippers and wine !
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