So I was asked to create a new feature for an API.

I warned the client by email that it would make them unable to use an existing API call, and that it would always return 403 forbidden to them. They said okay.

I implemented the feature. Two weeks later I get an email: "Why doesn't the API work anymore? We keep getting 403 messages"

*Sighs deeply*

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    Make sure you always take such conversations in writing and if possible get the customer confirmation together with your information, like in a reply, then they cannot legally accuse you of not informing them.

    It wont solve all problems but you at least got proof.
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    I feel your pain.
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    Defualt answer is, why didn't you notice a couple of weeks ago? what changed in the last day?
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    This is why I save every email.
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    I would literally just forward them thier response with the mail chain.
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    @RTRMS That's exactly what I did 🙂
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