I gave a technical interview today and here is summary how it went . interviewer asked me to login to leetcode account then .

Interviewer :- "Open this problem( he gave link) and open submission section".

Me :- "Yes sir" I opened it and I have solved that in past .

Interviewer :- "okay so you have solved this one so let's move to next question(2nd)".

I opened it and again I have already solved that in past. Then he gave 3rd and it was also solved by me already .

Then he said " Okay now I will share with you this problem which you have not solved and I am sure ".

He gave me a hard problem which I actually haven't solved . I would have solved the first 3 , the 4th one was actually hard and I was not able to optimise my code on time .

sometimes life is really tough 😪. he could have asked anyone of them 😕.

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    So the takeaway is to open a new leetcode account for interviews.
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    Asks to open leetcode problem.
    Response: Nope.m, and I don't appreciate you wasting my time. Goodbye now.
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    Probably dodged a bullet. If they're that dead set on you solving leetcode problems instead of you're abilities as a programmer then it's not a good match.
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    @iSwimInTheC read again, they shared another problem, out of leetcode.
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    @aviophile funny you said read again but text doesn’t say anything about last problem being out of leetcode. I’d even say that you’re wrong, judging from how the story goes.
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    Personally I cant handle the pressure of live coding so I would never work in a place where during interview they would ask me to solve some technical problem. Same like I dont want people standing behind my back and breathing into my neck while coding. I also don't understand pair programming.

    Send me a problem, give me a timeframe and I will do my best. If I have questions I will ask for your input. I want to be judged on my results, not by my performance while doing some arbitrary task.

    Thats how day to day work will look like (delivering results) anyways. Otherwise bye.
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    You should have lied that you haven't solved the first one or the second one or the third one.
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