Guys, wish me luck for tomorrow, I'm so nervous.
But thanks to everybody who gives me good advices and tips

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    What happened?
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    App crashes when I tap x.x
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    @Cyanite I made a mistake. If the Link doesnt Work, click on my profile and Look at the previous rant
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    @GC97 Good luck dude... I think if you're staying there, the trust will be coming back. That this kind of mistake happened exactly that one time your boss didn't look over the code was, to say it in German, a Super-GAU. Worst case scenario. Once in a lifetime.
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    Having read your old post let me tell you some things.

    1 - i cant believe it will cost that much. It sounds like a demo of a new feature?

    2 - you fucked up but ultimately you only have a share of the blame. What kind of idiot gives a student with 6 months experience such an important job solo and no code review?

    3 - people fuck up all the time, every day, constantly.
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    Don't be too down and don't be too hard on yourself.
    It is good to know that you feel the magnitude of your responsibility, that means you take ownership in what you do.
    But you also know you worked so hard, you didn't get overconfident.
    It's just that people make mistakes, don't lose your confidence because of that. Instead make it your motivation to be better. :)
    We all have lots to learn right? That's the beauty of programming.
    Good luck to your meeting! Keep your head up.
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    Good luck for today!
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    @filthyranter Oops, I'm sorry for the late answer.
    I felt uncomfortable in that day but they weren't so Bad als I thought they would.
    Then we talked about how we can prevent such mistakes - even for the boss because he also made several mistakes in the last few weeks (More than usual).
    I hope we as a Team, as a company, can learn from that and prevent such mistakes in the future. I want to permantly improve. And I hope that they see this.
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    @GC97 Good to hear that!
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