We use Slack at work for IMs.

There are tons of threads created in each DM, group chat, and channels.

There is a purpose to each thread.

But.. BUT.... Engineering team responds to a thread and also sends the same message in channel.

What's the fucking point of the thread...


I have a cup of green tea in my hand right now and I feel like pouring it on myself.

Third tier geniuses from Timbuktu.

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    Trust them. They are engineers.
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    I like slack but there are usually too many channels and I have a tendency to miss out on some info. Especially when in the same org you have channels like "random", "miscellaneous", "humor", “tech-trends", "tech-tips", "general"; and neither of them are getting much traffic. You figure out of the six you could boil it down to two: "general" and "tech". This is just an exaggerated example but I’m in orgs that are pretty close to this
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    Also I despise threads. I’d prefer the WhatsApp way of doing it where if you want to respond to something, it shows an excerpt of the message you’re responding and you can jump back up to it if need be
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    @iiii being an engineer isn't a gate pass to act retarded.

    @black-kite while I agree with your first comment, I disagree on the second.

    Threads really help keeping conversations structured and meaningful to refer again in future.
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    @iiii lol that was hilarious.
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