I was a freshman in highschool when I encountered the book entitled "Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days"

I loved that book so much that it took me 4 years to finish it.

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    They said 21 days huh?
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    @tinybyte lol! :) I actually have to return the book after 7 days... but I reborrowed it over and over again for 4 years. Perhaps 21 days isn't enough :D
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    Exactly the same!
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    Took me two years with the same book.
    But I was 10 back then.
    My dad was learning it. The book has a lot of examples which actually make you feel like you're building something.
    Made a phonebook kinda app back then. That day, after seeing my dad's and friends' reaction to it, I decided I'll build apps for the rest of my life!☺️
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    It says "2 to 4 years" on the puzzlebox.
    I did it in 4 months! #puzzlegod
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    21 days effort not 21 elapsed days...
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    vb6 was like new life after qbasic
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    Flashback. Think my GF has that one. When she was using it I told her to use WPF instead of WinForms though.
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    hey could someone help me, i'm currently new to vb and have a bug in my program that i cant seem to fix i posted about it recently you can check my profile if you are interested in helping me (:
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